Motorized Options

Craft Shutter and Shade is proud to offer simple, convenient light control by Otto™ home control motorized systems. Operate both lift and tilt systems with just the touch of a button.

Otto™ Remote

The 15 channel hand held remote control features a contemporary design with touch sensitive controls.  Easily set a favorite position and hide unused channels for quick access to programmed channels.

Otto™ Flush Mounted Wall Switch

Offers 5 channels for control.  Any single channel or all 5 channels can be selected for operation at any time.  Easy installation without the need to cut into the wall.

Otto™ Cut-in Wall Switch

Is available in 1, 2 and 15 channel versions.  The 15 channel remote has the ability to hide unused channels for easier scrolling and selection.

Otto™ Home Control App

Control from your phone or tablet device via intuitive interface.  Requires purchase of additional WiFi bridge and Apple or Android device.

Otto™ 30 | Otto™ DC2
  • Plug in power eliminates the need for batteries

  • Otto™ is available on widths as small as 14"

  • Available on Roller Shades

Otto™ Recharge | Otto™ Recharge Plus | Otto™ Recharge Max
  • Rechargeable Li-ion batteries last up to 800 operations per charge

  • No wiring needeed

  • Available on roller shades, honeycomb and woven woods

Otto™ Wired 6
  • A/C plug-in power - can be hard wired

  • Great choice for very large windows

  • Available on Roller Shades

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